2015 Seattle Auto Show: Seattleites to spin around city in latest 2016 cars and trucks


SPU-SeattleBy Karla Thornhill Coleman

If you’re a Seattleite, or hanging around the Puget Sound this weekend, you may want to stop by the 2015 Seattle Auto Show and take a few brand spanking new cars and trucks for a spin around the city.

The annual auto show starts this Thursday, Oct. 8 and runs through Sunday, Oct. 11. It’s not the biggest show in the land, but it is considered by the automakers as a place to be seen. So they’re bringing fleets of new 2015-16 vehicles for show-goers to walk around, test drive and drill the product specialists with questions, observations, long nostalgic monologues — well, you get the picture.

In Seattle you’ll have to play a little “Where’s Waldo,” as the fleets from Kia, Subaru, Chevrolet, Lincoln, Toyota, Ford are spread around in various locations to give drivers, and their ride-along, different views of the city.

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