My New Car Experience-Part II, The New Chevy Cruze


By Jenny Haddo, Auto Sow Global

We’re back again with another installment of the Adventures of Jenny’s Cruze. It has now been a couple of months since I’ve had my Chevy Cruze and I love it more every day. It makes me feel safer with every drive. Even though it has only been a couple months, it feels like I parted with my Saturn a year ago.

Some great features the Chevy Cruze has that my Saturn did not are mostly technological. I love Apple CarPlay. My Saturn had a CD player which was great since I was a CD buyer, but after a while I would get sick of the same CDs, even the ones I made. With Apple CarPlay I can stream my music from Pandora, or any other application for music. I can even put on podcasts if I choose to. With hands free calling, when someone calls me I just have to hit answer on the dashboard, and when I’m talking I don’t have to raise my voice for the other person to hear me. OnStar gives me messages once in a while regarding my service with them and provides directions when I need them. My screen tells me when there is ice on the road and when to take caution.

I was super pumped to have Wi-Fi in my car for the first month, but it was only free for the first month. The ride and handling on the Chevy Cruze is very smooth compared to my Saturn. The Chevy Cruze doesn’t sound clunky when I drive like I did with my Saturn. By clunky I mean when you’re driving on a bumpy road and you feel like your car will fall apart at any second, and you can hear everything that is wrong with your worn-down vehicle. I feel a lot more confident driving on bumpy Michigan roads in my Chevy Cruze.