Eyes without a Face: The New Tesla Model 3


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New Tesla Model 3

By Stephan Franklin, Auto Show Global

So once again it’s Friday, I’m checking out the morning news. The new Tesla Model 3 is all the rave, big deal, right? Another electric car from Tesla, awesome to look at, hard to buy, and expensive as hell. Since gas prices have dropped, the push for electric cars has waned. Sure, car companies are still selling them, but it’s more of an option to buy than an alternative to have.

I’m looking at thisthumbnail-4 new offering and something seems to be real weird at first – there’s no grille. As a matter of fact, the surface appears that there wants to be an opening in the front, but there isn’t one.

You really don’t need a grille for a car that doesn’t really need tobreathe to function. Most cars have a signature look, an expression, a personality, something that says either, “I’m fierce, ostentatious, or really happy.” The grille is the face of the car; it tells the story. Some luxury cars have the look of a “braced faced” teenager, to convey a look of luxury. Tesla’s Model 3’s futuristic, upscale styling is just absent of a mouth. It’s not a bad look, its different.

Now further into the news story we find that this new product from Tesla is only $35k. That’s’ right, $35k. Slightly cheaper than the Chevy Bolt and Volt and let’s be honest, a whole lot better looking. Comparable specs ad performance to the Chevy Volt and Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.45.48 PMcheaper should make this an easy purchase decision for those in the market for an electric car. With the cost and name “Tesla” attached to Model 3, another argument could be made as to whether or not an entry-level car from a luxury brand is worth crossing over from combustible fuel to electric. Think about it, for $35k, a person could buy a Cadillac ATS, or an Audi A3, but we thumbnail-2now have another choice. The Tesla brand is slowly becoming coveted among car enthusiasts. It’s rare, its exclusive, and the styling is phenomenal. The brand doesn’t scream sheet metal, batteries and a lot of plastic. I don’t see repurposed utility or rebadging to make an upscale version. I see a Tesla, and I don’t have to look at a grille to figure that out.