View From the 2017 Los Angeles Show – Part 2

Stephan Franklin, Auto show Global

Subaru Ascent

The new 2019 Subaru Ascent is a 3-row offering, which is a switch from the traditional small offering from Subaru. Incredibly large from what Subaru customers come to expect, Subaru is riding the wave of increased growth in sales from it product line. The look of this is extremely refined compared to some of the other 3-row SUV/Crossover products from other manufacturers.

Volvo XC

Volvo introduced the new XC40, this should pair well the new subscription service that is being offered next year. The compact SUV will be loaded with safety features that Volvo customers have grown to appreciate. The all-wheel drive vehicle offers 2-tone paint along with white painted wheels, and other neat features such as convenience hooks in the interior for things like carry-out food or groceries.



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