View From the 2017 Los Angeles Show

Stephan Franklin, Auto Show Global

Nissan Titan (Star Wars Edition)

Nissan introduced the customized Nissan Titan following the Star Wars theme from the Rogues last year. From marketing this is becoming a recurrent theme especially when it appears that there isn’t a shortage of Star Wars movies. Living in Michigan, this is the most appropriate look for this time of year. I wish that would have been shown in Detroit.

The new Nissan Kick is another story. The 2018 compact SUV is short on the concept of utility. More suited as a crossover the lack of all wheel drive as an option will make the potential customer look elsewhere if all purpose utility is a must.

Mercedes Benz CLS

Mercedes Benz introduced the new CLS. The popular 4-door coupe has always been a sleek offering from Mercedes. The new CLS boasts the new 3.0L inline 6-cylinder engine with about 360hp

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