Who Is “Matte Finish”

Stephan Franklin, Auto Show Global

At the North American International Auto Show this past January, I noticed that some of the luxury brands displayed not only unique color combinations, but a variety of finishes. We commonly associate high-gloss finishes with quality and high luxury, but Mercedes, Audi, and Lexus gave us a taste of “Matte Finish”. I remember meeting Matte Finish at the Lamborghini display, on a purple “Huracan”, in 2010. It was odd looking, but not too offensive. I have seen Matte Finish around town lately as well, recently on a 2016 Corvette, in “Hi-Lighter Yellow”.

I’m not sure of the history behind Matte Finish, but I understand the distinction that comes with such an option. It’s just different. On certain cars, it may appear cheap, as if someone forgot to apply clearcoat to the finish. I don’t think you can get away with Matte Finish on a Ford Fusion, but you can on an Audi S7. Luckily for Matte Finish, he isn’t in high demand, nor is made to seen by everyone. In some cases, I do believe he chooses to be exclusive.

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